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From fashion joke to street-style hit: the return of the bumbag

How to wear a bumbag … Adwoa Aboah, A$AP Rocky, Kendall Jenner and Skepta Asos’s menswear accessories designer puts this down to bumbags worn across the chest – see Skepta’s Nike bag for reference, which she claims to be the most masculine of all manbags. Spring/summer 2017 is far from the first sighting of the bumbag. In 15th-century France, it was called a chatelaine and hung from a waist band like กระเป๋าแฟชั่น ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก 500 an ornate sporran. It also bears a resemblance to the 19th-century buffalo pouch , which was used to carry tools and supplies across plains. The modern bumbag was actually invented in 1962 by Melba Stone, an Australian, who was possibly inspired by kangaroo pouches, although it took another 20 years for fashion to catch on. In the 1990s, it found a purpose on the rave scene, allowing dancers to go hands-free, and keep their illegal substances dry, a use that would later contribute to another nickname – “hash bags”. Bumbags have since become staples of the WWE wrestler uniform, been renamed “manny packs” by men such as Matthew McConaughey, the Rock and Jared Leto , and appeared in Sex and the City (Carrie wore her Gucci bag at an angle on her hip). Sexy, corrupt police officers in the BBC drama Line of Duty have them for their guns. In 2011, Diane von Furstenberg brought out a line of hands-free bags – although hers tended to carry Nars cosmetics and keys across dancefloors. And A$AP Rocky, ever the litmus test, has a Balenciaga one. Bumbags carry a lot of baggage.

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