He found that none of Ivanka Trump's products was made exclusively in the U.S.: 628 were imported, including 354 made in China. "It was very striking to me that Mr. Trump was objecting to the behavior of Nabisco, where in fact he and his daughter relied almost entirely on imported products," he told CNN. Earlier this year, CNN tracked Donald Trump's clothing line to manufacturers in China, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Macy's, the main seller, dropped the Donald Trump line in 2015 after he called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, and has said there are no plans to bring it back. But Ivanka's line is going strong. When CNN asked whether that might change now that her father has been elected president, her company said in a statement: "We have consistently expressed that we share industry leaders' interest in bringing more manufacturing opportunities to the U.S. and are looking forward to being a part of the conversation." The company would not answer other questions about Ivanka Trump's business or whether she had discussed a tariff on Chinese-made goods with her father. Moving large-scale garment manufacturing to the United States is unlikely, experts say. Scott Nova, who studies the industry for the Worker Rights Consortium, which monitors labor conditions around the world, said he doubts any lost garment jobs will come back, no matter who is president.

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